These are the three main streep cartoons that have inpired him. As you can see it in Pictures, his style is essentially neighbouring the Japanese one.

nau02.jpg (27407 octets)

Nausicaa Of the Valley of the Wind is an average old OAV made by Miyazaki. The story's quite nice, in the post-apocalyptic theme. One day, David saw it and said "I want to do the same thing": it was the beginning of his drawing studies! (Note: if you want to see it, keep the Japanese version, Americans have spoiled it and entirely changed the sense of the story making it a war story without sense ans feelings).

Apple Seed, after Nausicaa and other nice stories, David fell down in Science Fiction stories. Mecha is the most significative exemple of this kind of pictures. Science Fiction theme is different but very interesting for an illustrator because it allows you to create funny and improbable things like futurist cars or buildings. apls.jpg (6264 octets)
vda.gif (5825 octets) Video Girl A�, perhaps, as opposed to Apple Seed, Video Girl A� is a very romantic story between a virtual girl and a young men. In Pictures you could see many pictures that have been inspired by this character.


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