David's main Hobby is Role Playing Game. As many players, he began with Dungeons and Dragons. With time, he discovered other Role Playing Games, taking place in future (Tigres Volants RPG) or in contemporary age (Vampire, the Masquerade).

He is so fond of Role Playing Games that he created two of them:

Les jungles de Ganaïl and futur immédiat. The first one takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where characters wrestle against a curse, the Stone Jungle. Whithout the characters actions, this deadly jungle is intended to colonize the world and make the human life disappear. Futur immédiat has a soft Science Fiction context. Many playing characters are police (ADP) members but they can also have other occupations. If you like quiet and easy Role Playing Games, don't test this one! It's particularly granded on investigations and fights.

Futur Immediat


Many pictures in this site are David's characters.


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