angel-1_small.gif (4663 octets)

Angel cry, 02/09/98

Girls will certainly recognize this picture because it is inspirated by an ad frequent in fashion magazines. It's rather modified in comparison with the original, especially the setting. The style is different because David wanted to study on another style.


An angel under the rain, 17/11/97

First presentation of Kyoshi, one of David's character in Tigres Volants RPG. A quite cute character with special habits. The picture is colored with felt markers, the setting is made with computer technics.

ai_5_petit.jpg (3014 octets)
ai_6_petit.jpg (3908 octets)

Copacabana, 13/07/97

Kyoshi again, with another suit, more worked setting with another range of colours.

Dark secret, 07/07/97

Kyoshi in action! Gun in one hand, magic in the other one, the unavoidable duet! This picture is entirely colored with computer technics.

aie_2_petit.jpg (3693 octets)
Aulwyn_small.jpg (3112 octets) Aulwyn, a character in Mage, The Ascension. She's a young girl, a wizard without magic education... A disaster!! The character is hand drawn, colored with felt markers, the rest is made with computer technics, using landscape picture modified with different filters.
Great moment : a page of the streep comic Moonshade. This picture is a full page illustration, colored with chinese ink applyed with nib and brush. The set character is Inithil, the other one in vignettes is Moonshade. bdpage2.gif (9546 octets)
bunny_petit.jpg (4577 octets)

Bunny, 07/07/97

Perséphone Yokohama, nick-named Bunny, a character in Futur Immédiat RPG. Very very cute, very nice and very, very, very stupid too. Futur Immédiat RPG allows you to have the human body modified with cybernetic equipments, so you can look like an animal. It's made with felt markers.

A perfect exemple of what you can do with a computer. Excepting the character silhouette, everything is made with computer technics. Eylwen_small.jpg (3031 octets)
feng-shui.jpg (3838 octets)

Wu-Shu Girl , 25/06/97

A character in Feng-Shui, a very funny RPG. Keiko is a prawn fisher in Hong-Kong port, martial artist. Colored with felt markers, it's a study on moving characters.


Regard, 01/08/98

An illustration for Fils des étoiles, a supplement for Tigres Volants RPG. The character represents an extra-terretrial race, the Eyldars.

fils-des-étoiles.jpg (2921 octets)
highlander_1_petit.jpg (3797 octets)  

Highlander, 09/07/97

Micheal Karlen, one of my characters in Tigres Volants RPG. He's accompanied by his best friends, two mega-guns. It's colored with chinese ink diluted in water.

Spice girl, 03/09/97

Loo-Luna, Kyoshi's best friend in a paradise setting. Diluted chinese ink technic again.

holidays_petit.jpg (3085 octets)
hot_petit.jpg (2621 octets) A David's character in Vampire, The Masquerade. A very sexy picture, that doesn't really corrrespond to the character's feature. Colored with felt markers.

Katanat, 04/06/96

An average old picture used in Tigres Volants RPG. David took it again with computer technics to give its special visual effects.

katana_petit.jpg (6053 octets)
lilith.gif (7313 octets)

Cougart, 07/03/97

Lillith, already seen before, in an attitude more usual because she has a predator behaviour.

Another variation in Lillith, used to illustrate a Cyberpunk theme. All fur parts and hair have been made with computer programs and filters. Lilith_petit.GIF (7902 octets)
McLeod_small.jpg (2237 octets) Another vampire character from a quasi-disappeared strange clan . It has entirely been made through computer technics, using especialy realistic technics.

Military Battle suit, 22/09/97

First version of this picture representing a young girl, Eowyn, in a battle suit inspired by Appleseed. It's a character in Tigres Volants RPG, from another extra-terrestrial race, the Areyldars.

mecha_1_petit.gif (8103 octets)
mecha_2_petit.JPG (4474 octets)  

Military Battle suit, 22/09/97

The second version, colored with computer technics.

Moment de Tendresse, 20/10/98

The two main characters of Moonshade with Inithil's pet: a withe tiger! This picture has been made to study lights and shadows.

moonshade+Inithil.jpg (3319 octets)
Mulder_small.jpg (2748 octets) Not really interesting for the subject, this picture is noteworthy for the setting work entirely made with computer filters and effects.


A Swiss friend's character in Tigres Volants RPG. Tigres Volants is a RPG created by Stéphane "Alias" Gallay, a Swiss friend of us. Here again, the setting is made with computer technics.

sylvano_small.jpg (4792 octets)
talvarid_1_petit.jpg (3279 octets)

Ice bear , 29/08/97

Tigres Volants RPG characters too. The bearlike character is a member of a strange race, very rare and powerful. What he calls his little gun is a grenade-launcher and the sight is a mag-light. A nice, nice race.

Vampire characters, Lillith and Gian-Carlo, hand-pictured but entirely colored with computer technics, special effects too. Vampires_small.jpg (3338 octets)
WorkHoures_petit.JPG (4050 octets)

Work Hours , 93

To end this page, an old picture. I'm sure you will note the difference...

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