WeblExec program:

Download it! (374 Kb)

What is it?

Well, it is a simple, programmer-oriented text editor, that includes options for editing and running WebL scripts.


Using it

Uncompress the file in the directory of your choice. The default configuration should fit the default installation options of both the JDK and WebL. To add/remove keywords to the sytax highlighter, open the "defaults.keys" file with a text editor and change it as much as you wish. Once this is done, use the "Tools" -> "Keywords control" -> "Load keywords" menu to load your new settings. Do not edit the "keywords" registry entry as it containst precomputed hash values.


Delete the program's files and remove the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WebLexec registry key.

Kown bugs

Since this is an alpha release, there are quite a few bugs left:

Future enhancements

Version history: Added better handling of file path. Minor bug fixes. Changed version numbering to better reflected the upgardes. Second Alpha release. Fixed code highlight, save warning, cut'n paste and window sound when scrolling. Added proxy support and Keyword file. First Alpha release.


This is a completely freeware program. It was developped for my own use and, as such, may or may not fit your needs. You may use this program at your own risk and, by downloading it, you agree not to hold me responsible to any kind of probleme that may arise through the use of that software.